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Our Materials


Non-woven removable wallpaper

High durability, paper feel material with matt finish. To install this wallpaper you need to use glue that you will receive with your order or just buy one for your own. It's dedicated for all kinds of rooms even to the bathroom or kitchen when it's laminated. Non-woven wallpaper can be also installed on surfaces like small textured walls, or painted with latex/acrylic paint, plasterboard etc. This is also removable wallpaper that you can easily remove peeling off without tearing (you need to use water or special liquid). Designed for beginners and those with experience with traditional wallpapers.

Textured Vinyl removable wallpaper

It is a vinyl wallpaper with a non-woven backing. High durability wallpaper, with mat finish and grain texture. Just like non-woven wallpaper, this material also requires installation glue, which you will get from us for free in the set. Suitable for any type of rooms and it can be installed even in the bathroom or textured walls, painted with latex/acrylic paint, plasterboard, etc. This Vinyl wallpaper is also removable, so you can easily remove peeling off without tearing.

Self-adhesive Canvas removable wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper micro canvas structure with matt finish, containing a layer of acrylic glue at the back. Because of the special strength of the glue, it makes it easy to install and removable - perfect for short and long-term installation. It can also be installed on surfaces such as glass, smooth MDF, or fridges. Do not install on old wallpaper, latex painted walls, or in high humidity rooms, and before you start the installation, read our instructions first.

Self-adhesive Vinyl removable wallpaper

Self-adhesive removable wallpaper is a vinyl with a matt finish and a layer of acrylic glue. A special strength of this glue makes it easy to install and reposition. Requires special preparation of the surface, which must be clean, dust-free and smooth. It can also be installed on surfaces such as glass, smooth MDF or fridges. Do not install on old wallpaper, latex/egshell finish painted walls or in high humidity rooms - for that kind of surfaces please use material: Strong Glue Viny Wallpaper.

Self-adhesive Strong Glue Viny Wallpaper

Self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper with matt finish and strong acrylic glue. That kind of wallpaper is dedicated to such places like bathrooms, kitchen or high humidity rooms but also for all hard surfaces like latex painted walls, egshell finish painted walls. High opacity structure hides any imperfections on the wall such as dark paint, plaster, etc. If you want to install this wallpaper in places where it may be exposed to abrasions (public places, kids room etc.) or splashes (kitchen, bathroom etc.) you need to laminate your product to protect the print.


Laminate - what it is?

Laminate is a special layer with that your wallpaper is coated to protect print against dirt, like splashes of drinks and food, steam or just mechanical damages. Thanks to this your wallpaper will be more durable and will serve you for many years.