Luxurious interior - in glamor style!

Do you sometimes wonder how to arrange your interior so that it meets the need for luxury, comfort and home warmth at the same time?

Luxurious interior - in glamor style!

If you like elegant and original finishes, ornaments, and the shine of gold, the glamor style is something that you will like!

Glamor-style wallpaper will be perfect as a background behind our TV or will perfectly harmonize with our bed.

We don't have to have expensive furniture or an apartment to look good with our wallpaper. It will give the impression of elegance and craftsmanship.

Glamor in terms of interior design is most often colors such as whites, grays, blacks, and gold or silver accents.

BEDROOM: This type of room is very often chosen for shifts because it is less exposed to food, moisture or steam, or other dirt. It will be perfect in such rooms as an accent on one of the walls, for example, a pattern - golden glitter on a gray stone.

LIVING ROOM: To introduce elegance to our living room, we can also choose one wall as the focal point, decorating it with metallic accents. An exemplary place will be the wall behind the TV, thanks to which we will admire the selected pattern while watching our favorite movies!

HALLWAY: Focusing on this part, it is worth choosing geometry or patterns that will surprisingly hide any dirt.

If your apartment is decorated in a minimalist style, in which there are mainly grays and whites, it is worth choosing colorful terrazzo for the corridor. Such a palette of colors will enliven this place!

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