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WallpaperGolden Hibiscus Flowers

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Golden Hibiscus Flowers Wallpaper
Golden Hibiscus Flowers Wallpaper
Golden Hibiscus Flowers Wallpaper
Golden Hibiscus Flowers Wallpaper
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Treat your interior with some stylish and subtle botanical motive with these fascinating removable wallpaperGolden Hibiscus Flowers is the perfect mix of modern and rustic, with texture and punch. It will spice up your interior in an instant while leaving your house looking fresh and inviting.   We've all had that situation when we walk into a someone's home and our first thought is "Wow, this room is so you!" For some of us, that means a perfectly decorated interior with detais chosen for their unique charm. For others, it means velor sofa and the perfect shade of eggshell blue paint. And for everyone else, it means something different. But one thing remains consistent: we want our homes to be one of a kind!

Custom wallpapers will change your interior!

Forgot about old-type wallpapers in a roll. Surprise your friends and family with a bold new look for your room. You don't need to be an interior designer to bring them to their knees. Try our tools, type height and width of your wall, scale pattern, and make tailored specially for your wallpaper. You like this pattern, but you need to change colors to match it to your interior...guess what? It's also possible, just text us. We do not stock products - each wallpaper is printed one demand and is unique. It makes your Golden Hibiscus Flowers one of a kind!  
Additional information


Non-woven Wallpaper

High durability wallpaper, paper feel material with matt finish which absorbs light reflection. That kind of material is the best for beginners and also those with experience with traditional wallpapers. All you need to do is to paste your wall with glue and stick it - that's it! Glue and all instructions you will receive with your order. Non-woven wallpaper is PVC free so this is the best choice for kids' rooms but no only, it can be installed even in the bathroom! It can be also installed on surfaces like small textured walls, or painted with latex/acrylic paint, plasterboard, etc. Non-woven wallpaper is also removable, so you can easily remove peeling off without tearing when you change your conception after few years.

Weight: 180g/m2.
Maximum width of the strip: 26"/ 66 cm
Gluing method: edge to edge

Textured Vinyl Wallpaper

It is a vinyl wallpaper with a non-woven backing. High durability wallpaper, with mat finish and grain texture. Just like non-woven wallpaper, this material also requires installation glue, which you will get from us for free in the set. Suitable for any type of rooms and it can be installed even in the bathroom or textured walls, painted with latex/acrylic paint, plasterboard, etc. This Vinyl wallpaper is also removable, so you can easily remove peeling off without tearing.

Weight: 230g/m2.
Maximum width of the strip: 20"/ 50 cm
Gluing method: edge to edge

Self-adhesive Canvas Wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper micro canvas structure with matt finish, containing a layer of acrylic glue at the back. Because of the special strength of the glue, it makes it easy to install and removable - perfect for short and long-term installation. It can also be installed on surfaces such as glass, smooth MDF, or fridges. Do not install on old wallpaper, latex painted walls, or in high humidity rooms, and before you start the installation, read our instructions first.

Weight: 145g/m2.
Maximum width of the strip: 24"/ 61 cm
Gluing method: edge to edge

Self-adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper

Self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper with a matt finish and a smooth surface. It is not suitable for installation on latex paints, textured surfaces and in places with increased air humidity such as kitchen, bathroom or drying room. The print can be covered with a laminate to protect against, mechanical damage or UV rays.

Weight: 140g/m2.
Maximum width of the strip: 20"/ 50 cm
Gluing method: overlap

Strong Glue Vinyl Wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper with a strong glue for all kinds of hard surfaces. This material has a polyacrylic dispersion glue layer at the back and a semi-matt finish. If you are looking for self-adhesive wallpaper for your bathroom or kitchen this is it! To make it more durable consider to laminate print to protect it against water or food splashes and make it washable. Fire classification according to EN 13501-1 (class B – s1, d0 / hardly flammable).

Weight: 140g/m2.
Maximum width of the strip: 26"/ 66 cm
Gluing method: overlap


Wondering what is laminate? This is a special layer that makes your wallpaper even more durable. We will put this at the end of production when your wallpaper is printed. This layer protects the print against water, splashes, scratches and what's most important will protect print against UV. Because of that, your wallpaper will stay on your wall for many years. If you're going to install your wallpaper in the bathroom, kitchen, commercial spaces like reception or restaurant lobby or just in kids' room - this is the best choice!

Try it, and order Sample of Walllpaper

If you want to see the quality of our print or material, or just want to compare and match with the color of the paint or decorations, feel free to order a sample of our wallpapers. Just click Order Sample button and proceed to checkout!

We will print for you one sample of the material chosen by you, and you will get from us for free also four samples of all available materials with random patterns.

The pictures are only demonstrative. Colors may vary depending on the monitor you are using.

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