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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do I have to set up an account to make a purchase?

    There is no need to create an account to order a product.

  • Can I order a sample?

    Yes, of course. You can order a sample of a chosen wallpaper, to check how the material behaves on your wall, and see the print quality.

Material, Installation, Protection

  • What are the available materials?

    Our wallpapers are printed on two types of material, self-adhesive or non-woven (traditional). Both of them can be laminated to protect the print. More information about our materials you will find on the Materials page.

  • Does your offer also include hanging the wallpaper?

    No, but we enclose the hanging instructions to each order. Our wallpapers are self-adhesive and made to measure, so there is no problem to match the pattern just like in wallpapers sold in rolls.

  • How should I prepare the wall?

    You must remember that your wallpaper is glued to a flat surface. Any kinds of unevenness or roughness may cause that your self-adhesive wallpaper will not stick well or there will be air remaining in the gaps. It is also important that the wall has a preserved vertical because this kind of unevenness may cause that the pattern will not match on the joints. It is also recommended to avoid sticking directly to the gypsum board, in this case it is advised to cover it with even one coat of paint. If you install a wallpaper on a wall covered with paint, make sure to wait at least two weeks after the last painting. Each wall should be primed a few weeks prior to hanging the wallpaper, it cannot be oily and must be cleaned of any dust.

  • Are there any surfaces to which the wallpaper may not stick?

    Our wallpaper can be glued to most flat surfaces that have been properly prepared. One kind of such surfaces are walls in old constructions/very old paint, where, when peeling off the wallpaper, the layer of plaster/paint may strip off with the wallpaper. Please also remain cautious when hanging on latex paints, the wallpaper may not stick properly to some. It is best to order the sample first and glue it for about a week to the place where the wallpaper will be. This will allow you to observe whether it adheres properly to the wall and how it peels off.

  • Can I glue my wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen?

    As for the kitchen, if you want it to be above the kitchen counter, you should secure the wallpaper with an additional layer of laminate. This will protect it against splashes of water, food etc. As for the bathroom, everything depends on the room, whether a radiator, a window is present, how much water vapor is collected when bathing. Before you decide to buy a wallpaper for your bathroom, it is recommended to order a sample. Place it above 2m in the place where the wallpaper will be. If it is installed on the wall directly next to the bathtub/washbasin, also apply a layer of laminate.

  • Can I glue my wallpaper on surfaces other than the wall?

    Self-adhesive wallpaper can be glued to any flat surface. This can be a wall, ceiling, closet door, fridge, glass. The only limit is your imagination!

  • Can I clean my wallpaper?

    Yes, you can gently wipe the surface with a lightly moistened cloth, but remember to do it gently avoiding strong friction as you could wipe off the print. It is best to clean the wallpaper right after splashing. In both cases, definitely avoid chemical agents.

  • Will peeling off of the wallpaper leave a mark?

    You can glue and peel off Peel and stick wallpapers many times when you make a mistake, without leaving traces on the wall. But remember to not peel it off it like a plaster because fast movement can cause peeling off - do it slowly and observe how the wall behaves.

    Do not stick self-adhesive wallpapers directly to the gypsum board; when peeling off, it can break off the paper layer from the board.

  • I destroyed part of the wallpaper, what do I do?

    It happens to the best of us! However, this is not something you can file a complaint about. You also cannot order just the damaged strip because the shade may slightly differ from the previous one due to, for example, replacing the toner or changing the calibration of the equipment. If you’ve encountered such a problem, please contact us.

  • Can I glue the wallpaper outside?

    Yes, but if you want to use your wallpaper on external surfaces it must be covered with an additional laminate, protecting it from UV rays and the surface must meet the same requirements for hanging inside buildings.

Wallpaper sizes

  • What sizes of wallpaper do you offer?

    All our wallpapers are made to order, so you do not need to buy more wallpaper than you need and then throw it away. We add approximately 1 inch (2,54cm) of a safety buffer to each dimension you give us.

  • Is the wallpaper printed as a whole?

    Depending on size, our wallpapers are divided into panels. The panel is always your wall height and a maximum width of 20" (50cm) up to 40" (100cm). 

Delivery and returns

  • Will the wallpaper be safe in transport?

    Of course. Each wallpaper is packed in a rigid, thick cardboard tube, making it completely safe during transport.

  • Do you offer worldwide shipping?

    Yes, of course. All our wallpapers are sent by courier. We offer delivery to over 200 countries.

  • Can I order to a P.O. box?

    Unfortunately, no. If you provide the P.O. box in your order, it will not be processed until you change the address to the actual address, where you or an authorized person can personally pick up the parcel.

  • How long do I have to wait for my order after payment?

    After the payment is posted, our printers process the order in 3-5 business days, for larger orders up to 7 days. The delivery time depends on the form of shipping and destination which you have chosen. More in Shipping page.

  • Will I receive an order confirmation?

    Of course, each time after finalizing the order you will receive an email confirmation to the address in the order.

  • Can I track my parcel?

    Each time after completion of our shipment, we enter the tracking number in the order details so that you can monitor the wallpaper's location before it finds its way to your wall!

  • Do you offer returns?

    Yes, for more details see Return and Claims policy.