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WallpaperCopper Abstract Shapes

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Copper Abstract Shapes Wallpaper
Copper Abstract Shapes Wallpaper
Copper Abstract Shapes Wallpaper
Copper Abstract Shapes Wallpaper
Dimensions: 39x39in
Self-adhesive Non-woven Vinyl
Self-adhesive Vinyl Smooth
Self-adhesive Vinyl Smooth Self-adhesive Vinyl Strong Glue Self-adhesive Canvas Self-adhesive Linen
Non-woven 150g
Non-woven 150g Non-woven 265g Non-woven textured Wood Non-woven textured Mozaik Non-woven textured Linen
Textured Vinyl Sand
Textured Vinyl Sand Textured Vinyl Dust Textured Vinyl Concrete
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Abstract wallpaper Copper Abstract Shapes - The power and strength of creativity!

This style is distinguished primarily by the fact that it does not illustrate any natural creation, it is not a simple art, but an extracted reality. The abstract patterned wallpaper attracts attention and directs attention on originality. It will certainly be a unique and singular element of your interior on the wall.

Custom-sized wallpaper in an abstract style

The decorative possibilities create that wallpapers emerge as a unique means of changing the visualization of the interior. We offer three types of materials: non-woven, self-adhesive, vinyl. Thanks to the abstract wallpaper, we can change our space with low cost and effort. Expert skills are unnecessary, our materials can be mounted by anyone, even someone doing it for the first time. An abstract pattern used even on one wall in the living room introduces freshness and a new style to the space.
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Try it, and order Sample of Walllpaper

If you want to see the quality of our print or material, or just want to compare and match with the color of the paint or decorations, feel free to order a sample of our wallpaper. Just click Order Sample button and proceed to checkout!

Why it's worth to order sample?

  • You will receive not one, but two samples of the pattern and material you've chosen with different pattern densities
  • We'll send you additional bulk of samples printed with different patterns on all of our materials
  • You will receive a discount code that will compensate you cost of this samples.

Our Materials

Because each wallpaper is made to order, you can choose not only the size of the pattern but also the material. Choose one of the many available wallpaper materials. Full characteristics and macro photos can be found on the Our Materials website.


Wondering what is laminate? This is a special layer that makes your wallpaper even more durable. We will put this at the end of production when your wallpaper is printed. This layer protects the print against water, splashes, scratches and what's most important will protect print against UV. Because of that, your wallpaper will stay on your wall for many years. If you're going to install your wallpaper in the bathroom, kitchen, commercial spaces like reception or restaurant lobby or just in kids' room - this is the best choice!