Bring Scandinavia into your interior!

How did so many people love the Scandinavian style?

The amazing advantage is the simplicity, naturalness and universalism of this trend, which will make it fit perfectly into any space and bring a kind of peace to our lives.

Bring Scandinavia into your interior!

Scandinavian style - what characterizes it?

Bright interiors, space - in the Scandinavian style, it does not mean that the whole decor should be white, although of course white is one of the favorite colors of the Scandinavians, it is about the illusion of enlarged space. This effect can be achieved by using more colors such as white, grey, ecru, blue, or heather.

Simplicity - Home appliances and decorations according to Scandinavian design should be simple and functional. Properly selected colorful pillows, photo frames, and patchwork fabrics will warm up the interior.

Nature - Swedes love natural materials such as wood, stone, brick, or linen. It has to do with their philosophy and faith. By choosing wood for the floor or as a furniture structure, not only do we bring a bit of Scandinavia to the house, but we care about the environment.

Eclecticism - Scandinavian houses are characterized by naturalness, playfulness, and freedom, and thus freedom in choosing decorations, even if we are to mix the Scandinavian style with another. In this way, we will be able to go from vintage to modern in our own space. Accessories from a different trend will add class to our Scandinavia!

How to choose the wallpaper for a Scandinavian-style room?

We do not have to use the services of an interior decorator to arrange an interior in the Scandinavian style, it is really simple - like the trend itself. If inadvertently there are empty spaces in the room, do not break them down, it will only improve your design. In the spirit of "less is more!"


The heart of every home. In principle, comfort and functionality are to reign in it. Expressive patterns and colors that will properly expose the fronts of cabinets, a tabletop, or a table with chairs will work. When choosing wallpapers, we are guided by what Swedes like the most, i.e. nature: natural materials such as wood, stone, or brick.


More and more often in bathrooms, the tiles are placed halfway up the wall, which allows us to decorate the rest of it. If our bathroom does not have a window and daylight - the best choice will be light colors, e.g. white brick, or light wood. If the bathroom is well-lit, with a window, we can even try dark colors: navy blue, brown, and black. Plant motifs will also match the geometric shape of the tiles.


With very little lighting, this is one of the most difficult challenges. If we care about Scandinavian design from the very beginning, we should choose light wallpapers, preferably vinyl, resistant to damage. Suitable colors will be white, gray, and beige.


In the bedroom, we are supposed to rest after a hard day, as well as get up rested and feeling pleasant in our own home, so a beautiful landscape will work best in this room, even a photo wallpaper with delicate colors of nature that calms our shattered nerves J

Child room

The space in which your child lives is of great importance for his development. Bright, soft colors will ensure well-being, and ingenious furniture will ensure comfort. Children grow quickly and their tastes and needs change just as quickly, so you can use this and change the patterns of wall decorations: at the beginning, we can choose wallpapers with mild characters from fairy tales and then reach for geometric patterns. The best solution for this space will be a wallpaper that is easy to remove in case our child changes his mind.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in decorating your home in the style you like the most. The Scandinavian style is unobtrusive, and wonderful in its simplicity, there is no splendor in it, it is suitable for luxury apartments and ordinary flats or houses. It is close to nature, and thus we feel more freedom in it. Remember: "less is more".


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