Back to the past - retro style

Patterns inspired by the past create a unique, magical atmosphere throughout the interior, and most importantly, to introduce this style to our space, you do not need to wallpaper the entire walls!

Back to the past - retro style

Vintage and retro styles have many faces, we can use flowers, geometric figures, classic stripes, baroque figures, and interesting colors. Stay with us and we will help you choose the right material for your home.


If we think about what was fashionable in the times of our parents and grandmothers, on the one hand, we have before our eyes characteristic dirty, smoky colors, and on the other, contrasting, bright colors.

When choosing wallpapers thanks to which we want to achieve a specific goal, i.e. in which the retro style is to reign, we can be guided by such determinants - in rooms where we spend a lot of time (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom), it is worth focusing on neutral colors, i.e. shades of white, beige, grey.

In other areas such as lounges, hallways, and entertainment areas, you can play with contrasting colors and abstract patterns.

What pattern to choose?

In the retro style, in addition to unique, unusual compositions, it is equally important to combine them skillfully.

An example of a not-very aesthetic solution is an imitation of wood, leather, and brick combined with a geometric pattern. The use of such a mixture will not necessarily work in our room and will not resemble the style we care about so much, so:

If you care about wooden elements or white brick, introduce it to the kitchen and give it an amazing atmosphere - for this type of wall, you can confidently choose modern furniture as well as classic, in any colors you like.

Retro style in the bathroom can be a challenge, but just like with the previous place, it is worth betting on the classics and choosing a gray, light brick, or light wood structure.

Considering the living room or dining room, we can expand our imagination and let it go wild! Vinyl wallpapers with an oriental motif and bolder colors will be a perfect choice. We do not have to wallpaper the entire walls, we can choose its element and an interesting, large pattern and thus draw attention to other places with a soul in our living room.

The warmth and tranquility of the bedroom can be emphasized by choosing an unusual, but a characteristic pattern for this style - quilted leather. The effect will surely be astonishing.

Attention, to the brave!

For people who want and like to stand out, and surprise themselves and their guests, a great idea is to use modern wallpaper with a retro theme, i.e. old streets, cafes, clocks, books, metal sheets, and the like. We will surely surprise our loved ones with such a solution and our apartment will take on a different dimension.

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