5 most common mistakes when wallpapering, what to do to avoid it?!

5 most common mistakes when wallpapering, what to do to avoid it?!

Many people would like to have wallpaper, but they are afraid that they will not be able to cope with its installation, the truth is that laying the wallpaper yourself is child's play - just follow a few basic rules. Below we present the 5 most common mistakes when installing wallpaper.

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1. Choose the right wallpaper:

Aesthetic values are extremely important, but the most important thing is to check the resistance to humidity, material, and intended use.

Poorly selected material for the room may not fulfill the role you assign to it, it may peel off, and it may not be durable. If you have any doubts, we are here to help you at any time!


2. Prepare the wall well:

This is the basis for people who have experience in this. For people who do it for the first time - we explain: each surface must be properly prepared so that the material is durable, if there are cavities on it, we prime and fill it, and we grind unevenness if we want to avoid embossing. This is extremely important if we want the decoration on the wall to look as we imagined.


3. Adjust the panels before you lay them on the wall:

Larger sizes of material will never come in one piece. To make it easier for customers, we send divided panels with a width depending on the type of material selected, which correspond to a specific order. Before the panels are placed on the prepared substrate, it is worth laying them on the floor first, so as not to confuse them.

Of course, we will prepare the missing panel for you without any problem, although we value the work and effort of our clients and we advise you to avoid it.


4. Choose the right wallpaper glue:

You won't have this problem with us, because we send the glue together with the order, in addition, you will receive from us full instructions on how to apply it, what to avoid, and some recommendations should be followed so that the installation process runs smoothly and with the least energy expenditure, and even more so without stress.


5. Please read the manual carefully:

We attach instructions to each order that will streamline the process of changes in your room. Carefully read step by step, and we guarantee that the change you make yourself will be even more satisfying because it will be as you imagined and you will make it yourself.

Time, willingness, and perseverance are all you need to give your walls a new glow and expression!


By following the above tips, you should easily decorate your space, and in case of any problems, we are at your disposal.

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