Affiliate Program Regulations

1. Definitions

  1. Affiliate Program - an affiliate program whose functionality and operation are described at the following address:
  2. Products - products available in the assortment on the online store, including products made from designs provided by the Partner.
  3. Store - the owner of the online store and the organizer of this Affiliate Program.
  4. Partner - a participant of the Affiliate Program. An individual or legal person conducting their activity in the construction, interior design, or project industry (e.g. Interior Designer, Interior Architect). The Partner has joined the following affiliate program and accepted these regulations. The Partner also agrees to the Privacy Policy and Store Regulations.
  5. Customer - an individual or legal person who has placed an order through the online store using a Dedicated Discount Code that has been provided to the Partner.
  6. Commission - a monetary payment transferred to the Partner by the Store, constituting a percentage of the value of transactions made by Customers using a Dedicated Discount Code.
  7. Dedicated Discount Code - a specially generated discount code for the Partner by the Store, the use of which by the Customer in the Order results in receiving a Commission.
  8. Order - a purchase made by the Store. An order is considered fulfilled if it is paid for, delivered, and not returned by the Customer.


2. General provisions

  1. Any natural or legal person engaged in activities directly related to the assortment of the Store, including the construction/interior design industry, may join the Affiliate Program. The Store may verify whether the Partner's activities are related to the designated industry.
  2. A candidate wishing to join the program as a Partner, if a natural person, must have legal capacity.
  3. Participation in the Affiliate Program is voluntary and free of charge.
  4. The Partner is not an employee of the Store.
  5. The Partner represents the Store on the terms and within the scope defined in this regulations.
  6. The Partner may refer to themselves as a participant in the Affiliate Program or a Partner.
  7. The duration of the Affiliate Program has no specified term. The Store may terminate the Affiliate Program at any time, provided that it informs all Partners by e-mail at least 14 days before its suspension or termination.
  8. Registration for the Affiliate Program is done by filling out a special form available at The data provided in the form must be true, and the candidate for the Partner must accept the provisions of all regulations included in the form.
  9. The form will be verified by the Store. In case of doubts, the Store will contact the candidate at the e-mail address provided in the form.
  10. A positive verification of the candidate for the Partner results in the Partner's registration in the program, of which they will be informed at the e-mail address provided in the form. In this email, the Partner will also receive all information related to the operation of the Affiliate Program and the Dedicated Discount Code.
  11. Teleaddress data such as the name of the company, phone number, and address of all Partners participating in the Affiliate Program are publicly available to Store customers at the Stationary Points page.


3. Compensation and Commission

  1. After being accepted into the Affiliate Program, the Partner will receive a two Dedicated Discount Codes at the email address provided in the form. First Dedicated Discount Code will provide a % discount on purchases made by Partner, the second Dedicated Discount Code is to dedicated for final customers - this one will not provide a discount but when a customer places an order using it the Store will be notified of the Partner from whom the customer originated.
  2. For each fully completed order placed by a customer, the Partner is entitled to a commission % of the total order value.
  3. The commission % rate that the Partner is entitled to will be provided in an email and is dependent on the total amount of orders made using the Dedicated Discount Code over the three preceding months before the month of commission payment.
  4. The commission rate and thresholds are specified in Attachment 1 to these Regulations.
  5. Partners are only compensated based on correctly completed orders using the Dedicated Discount Code.
  6. Commission payments will be made based on a receipt (if the Partner is an individual not conducting business activities) or an invoice (if the Partner is a business entity).
  7. Commissions will be paid to the Partner when the amount of commissions reaches a minimum of 100 USD.
  8. Commission payments will be made via bank transfer and will not be made more frequently than once per month with a minimum interval of 30 days.
  9. After each quarter, the Partner will receive a summary of their balance, including the total commission due for payment, at the email address provided in the form.
  10. Commission payments will be made no later than 7 days after receiving an invoice/receipt from the Partner.


4. Final provisions

  1. Any changes to the Partner's personal data or bank account number require the Partner to make the changes by email to
  2. The Store will make every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the Affiliate Program and the security of the Partner's and Customers' personal data.
  3. The Partner agrees to be contacted by email or telephone by the Store regarding information about the Affiliate Program.
  4. Publishing and disseminating information sent to the Partner by the Store is prohibited.
  5. The Partner undertakes to represent the Store in a dignified manner as a participant in the Affiliate Program, taking into account the timeliness of the information provided.
  6. The Store has the right to deactivate the Partner's account and suspend their participation in the Affiliate Program if the Partner does not comply with the provisions of these Regulations or if their actions are deemed harmful to the Store's interests. A suspended or deactivated Partner has no right to accrue or withdraw commissions.
  7. The Partner may unsubscribe from this Affiliate Program by sending a request to
  8. The Store will inform Partners of any changes to these regulations by email to the email address provided in the program registration form.
  9. Matters not regulated by these Regulations shall be governed by the provisions of the generally applicable law in Poland.


Attachment number 1

Sales amount from the last three months

below 1,500 USD gross10%
1,501 USD - 5,000 USD gross15%
5,001 USD - 12,000 USD gross20%
above 12,001 USD gross25%



Published on 28.04.2023