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About Wallvy

Whether you’re just starting your home design journey for a completely new home, refurbishing your current one, or simply in search of that statement wallpaper to make your home feel more like home, Wallvy’s 100% customizable wallpapers for every room in the house are here to help make your ideal home come to life. Choose from thousands of our professionally designed wallpapers, or create a completely custom one from scratch by uploading your own photo or design. Whatever your needs, we’ll be there to make the process simple, easy, and most of all enjoyable.

For any (and every!) room in the house, our large selection of kids wallpapers, nature wallpapers, vintage wallpapers, and more are available right at your fingertips. For the kids, let them choose anything from cute kittens to abstract shapes, delightful animals, scandinavian designs and more. Wherever their heart takes them, let your child’s imagination come to life! For the botanical enthusiast, our selection of professionally made nature wallpapers will perfectly compliment your collection of plants and flowers within your home. Bring plants to all your favorite walls in the house, without ever having to worry about taking care of them! We also have all the best vintage, animal, and geometric wallpaper designs to make your home an even more pleasant place to live. Although, if even this selection doesn’t fit your needs, you can design a 100% custom made wallpaper by uploading a photo or pattern of your choosing as well. At our printing house, we use only the highest quality printers with eco-friendly materials so each and every wallpaper is safe for kids and those suffering with allergies. 

The search for the interior wallpaper design of your dreams that’s safe for everyone is finally over. Now all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and let us do the rest. We’ll ship your order to your doorstep quickly, easily, and hassle free for the ultimate made to order experience. Laughter, joy, memories to be made, and a lovely newly furnished home are not so far away after all.